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Our vision

"Leadership and Excellence in Knowledge Economy and Technology Transfer".

Our Mission

"Developing of Knowledge, Scientific Research and Innovation and Increasing Investment of the University's Outputs from the Scientific Research".


  • A Center for Knowledge Economy and Technology Transfer to transform the ideas and research into products, programs and services to be marketed for the local or international market or through small and medium enterprises that emerge from the University, and through intellectual property protection processes and incubation of ideas and partnerships contracts with the Private Sector, to support emerging Companies which emanate from the University.
  • Spreading the culture of diligence and perseverance, in order to, reach to the patents, by targeting all the Entities and Individuals related to the University.
  • Supporting the giftedness, creativity and innovation, particularly, among the University Researchers.
  • Supporting the process of transforming ideas into products of economic value to build a Knowledge Economy Society.
  • Transforming the Scientific Research Culture in the University into the developmental trend that serves the Society need, on the one hand, and acquaint the Researchers with the requirements of manufacturing and transforming the ideas into commercial products of economic value in the Society, on the other hand.
  • Effective contribution to supporting the creative orientation in the Society and linking it to the University.
  • Activating the communication between the Scientific Research Sector in the University and the Private Sector, by directing the Scientific Research within the University to serve the needs of both the Private and Public Sectors.
  • Establishing local and international partnerships to transfer and localize the Technology to support the local product and create new jobs.
  • Increasing the investment of the University's Outputs from the Scientific Research to diversify financing and partnerships programs.



Knowledge Economy and Technology Transfer Center

The work of the Knowledge Economy and Technology Transfer Center at the university is based on the Kingdom's vision 2030 in promoting and supporting the culture of innovation and knowledge economy, transferring and localizing technology, as well as raising the contributions of medium and small enterprises in the local product. Education and investment in it, strengthening local and international partnerships, increasing university investments and diversifying financing and partnership programs.

The center aims to build a generation of inventors in all fields by spreading the culture of innovation and invention inside and outside the university and urging inventors to register their inventions and support and develop their ideas and innovations. The center is also concerned with protecting, registering and marketing the protection of promising ideas and inventions and their transformation into commercial or industrial products, and to be an effective tool in the promotion and protection of intellectual property rights and their entrenchment inside and outside university.

Building a knowledge economy is also a strategic goal of the center, by employing knowledge and technology to provide distinct and innovative products or services that help to accelerate the speed of technical and scientific progress and maintain economic growth and development in the long term. The center also seeks to diversify the university’s sources of income and benefit from its infrastructure and human resources and capabilities. In addition, it aims to enhancing its position as long-standing educational institution among its peers, and strengthening the reciprocal relationship between scientists and industry, which opens the way for scientists to cover local industrial needs and harness the minds of researchers and innovators to find innovative solutions to problems and challenges facing society and transforming knowledge into an economic value that contributes to the national product and community service through technology transfer localization and development locally.

The center is divided into four departments: Innovation and Development, Modeling and Testing, Intellectual Property, and Industrial Relations, which accomplish the desired goals and implement the strategic plans of the center through its experts and affiliated units.

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